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    a declaration

    I could not get over this farewell glimpse of them for a long

    Commons, he had spent more than his professional income, which

    ‘Is that all?’ repeated my aunt ‘Why, yes, that’s all, except,

    him measured for a suit of clothes directly’

    David Copperfield

    Dora’s love was not a thing to have on any terms I couldn’t bear it,

    his corner

    another with their pens to point me out

    service here, in Blunderstone; but there’s no such a thing, my

    different I felt in one short minute, having Agnes at my side!

    generosity and kindness You would be delighted to see that

    hand, he went on to say, with his eyes cast downward—still

    the edge of the back seat on the roof, while Agnes was, of course,

    papa is afraid of him’

    and true Agnes was, suspicions arose within me that it was an ill-

    distracting policy

    Brooks?’ said Mr Quinion

    ‘Go on, Peggotty,’ said I, more frightened than before

    flower-beds of the heart, I took a personal offence against them all

    him, which he never shook off For all that, he brightened; and had

    ourselves and one another

    David Copperfield


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